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As we are a small, family-oriented program, we try to maintain personal contact with parents on a daily basis. Feel free to approach us at any time with questions or concerns. The most positive emotional environment exists when parents and the program work together as partners. By sharing information concerning your child’s activities, we can work together to meet your child’s needs. We welcome and invite your suggestions and participation in events and activities.


Our program is committed to multicultural education. This means that we share a commitment to human rights, dignity of the individual and social justice. We strive to create a program that truly reflects the lives our children, families, staff, and community. We seek to recognize, appreciate, and respect the uniqueness of each child, foster high self-esteem and positive experience exploring similarities and differences, encourage children to respect all cultures, increase children’s ability to interact with people who are different from them, help children to be a group member, and help them live cooperatively in a diverse world.


Responsible supervision of the children is of utmost importance. Children are never left alone. They must be in sight and hearing of the staff at all times so that staff can intervene to protect the health and safety of children. Safety rules are anticipated and explained to the children.

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